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If you are interested in cooking and want to make it your career then, enrolling in a cookery school is a good idea. They are many culinary schools in which you can enroll and enhance your career. These classes can either be short term or long term. The culinary training program provides hands-on experience in various areas related to food. These include preparing food, presenting food, and food appreciation. They also make you well adapt in handling knife, bakery which includes cake decoration, various techniques of cooking, various cuts of meat, costing and cost control, choosing the best possible ingredients, and much more. The culinary schools also teach you both local as well as international cuisine. Some people enroll in a culinary course because they want to learn new things to cook for their family while some join a course with an intention of making it their career. Whatever may be their intention, a culinary school trains you accordingly.

Getting a degree for a Culinary Art School is not the only way to kick starting your career as a chef. You would have definitely heard many stories of people who became very famous with undergoing any formal training and without even stepping into a culinary school. People who worked in the kitchen since their childhood and those whose parents and grandparents are great cooks or those who were born in families that have restaurant business are few of them. But, for some people going to a Culinary Training School has thought them the required skills for becoming a good chef.

If you want to have a good career getting into a good cooking school is extremely important. The next step is to select a school from the many schools in the city. What should be the deciding factor while selecting a culinary school? How do you know that the school is best suited for you and would help you grow in your career? Here are some of the factors that should be considered while selecting a Culinary School.

Tuition Fee: The cost of the tuition fee in the top culinary schools is quite unimaginable. One should decide if they really want to go in for such high costs especially when the pay structure in the hospitality industry for entry level employee is very less.

Location of the Culinary School: The second important factor to consider is the distance from the culinary school to your home. Sometimes it may happen that the school that is closer to your home may not be the best school and the one that is far away would be too far away that you will have to spend most of the time travelling. Hence, depending on how important the course is the decision should be taken.

Duration of the course: There are culinary schools that offer short term as well as long term courses. Depending on what we want we can choose the course. The long term course is usually a degree or a diploma course that is advanced and helps the candidate to meet the needs of the industry. The curriculum also includes real time training apart from the theory classes. The degree course is generally for duration of 4 years and it covers all the aspects of the culinary art. Apart from this some institutes also offer certificate course. The duration of this course is only a few weeks and involves intensive training. There are also post-graduation courses one can after their degree. This is more advanced and gives the person extremely comprehensive training in all aspects of the culinary world.

Details about the instructors in the school: As much as the school is important, it is also important to know about the background of the instructors of the school. Some of the culinary schools have full time instructors whereas some take chefs from well-known hotels as part time instructors. The quality of the instructors determines the knowledge you can get. They also play role models to the student and it is indeed inspiring to learn from people whom you admire the most.

Training and Placement: Culinary school not just trains the student but they assist in placements as well. Prior to joining the course one should have a detailed discussion with the admissions counselor about the placement assistance offered by the institute. This can be confirmed from the previous graduate’s placement statistics. Even during the course the culinary schools generally send their students for on hands training in the hotels. This experience would be very helpful not just during the placements but even later during work. It also helps in getting good jobs.

It may sometime happen that you are very interested in cooking but not sure as to which area you should specialize in. Some people may find the degree course too long a duration and the fee also very high. For such people the Culinary Training Schools offers certificate and diploma courses. These courses are specialized and focus on a single area. This can include:
• Bakery
• Culinary Arts
• Culinary Management
• Specialization in Beverages and Wines and so on

The basic requirement for any joining a course is a high school diploma. For doing a post-graduation in Culinary Management, one should have a graduate degree in culinary management. After doing the long term course one becomes well versed in cooking and baking skills; culinary management, nutrition and safety and sanitation as well. There are universities that offer doctorate in Culinary Management as well.

The advantages got when enrolled for a culinary management course is:
• It improves the self-esteem of a person.
• Awareness about the various cultures and information about various international cuisines can be obtained. It is also said to open your mind and helps in setting your expectations.

Though the entry level salaries are low compared to the tuition fee paid, one gets immense job satisfaction and also good career growth down the line.

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